Control Energy Management

Monitoring and Controlling Everything without limitations


Tera Systems are installed to reduce net operating expenses on a guaranteed savings of 12% or greater with a lifetime warranty and a Zero out of pocket expense. If this program is not suitable, Tera will assist distributor in customizing to meet the end users goals.

The maintenance free system will regulate, monitor, prevent, interact, report, measure, sub-meter, predict, control, communicate, respond, correct and alert your team on electricity and water usage. Tera Systems will communicate through the web or smart phone no matter where your service contractors, engineers, managers, or other essential personnel are located.

Our proprietary and patent pending technology combined with other energy efficient products can deliver an unmatched market solution.
Our team of engineers, energy auditors, consultants, financial experts, designers, and outstanding customer support team are the core ingredients that make the Tera System a success.