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Enhanced Features

The TWS – 2000 greatly increases the capabilities of functionality to create business intelligence for multiple industries with different algorithms. The ability to create program scripts within the TWS – 2000 based on event triggers or time based schedules has proven beneficial to any customer.

This is just one example of our TWS – 2000 programming capabilities. Walk-in freezers are typically a major energy usage within a restaurant and also critical for the business operations, to ensure they are operating correctly we monitor energy usage, defrost cycle on/off times, evaporator fan usage, return/supply airflow temperature, door open/close, ambient and outside temperature/humidity. This is all monitored using ourTWS- 360 and TWS- 2000 and with this information we can tell if a freezer (or HVAC rooftop) is due for maintenance, mechanical failure, or behavioral issues. More importantly we can pinpoint where the problem is occurring to alert a refrigeration/HVAC technician before they even drive to the location. From our experience it is very common for mechanical problems to be occurring for many months and not discovered until complete failure of the cooler or HVAC unit i.e. cooling and heating happening at the same time resulting in the unit continually working.

Other features: