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How Do Energy Management Systems Work?

Posted on October 21, 2014 by

How Do Energy Management Systems Work

In this post we will look at a brief description of how a building energy management system works. The big picture of the software is to tie in aspects of the buildings energy monitoring onto the same platform. This interface can be accessed to obtain up to date real-time information on the current energy situation. This information can be configured to be accessed on the usual personal computer or a portable digital device.

Energy management software on smartphone lets energy use to be monitored from the smartphone. The method of energy management through software has proven to be effective and result oriented as well. When there is a firm hold of data about the amount of energy being consumed over a given timeline, adjustments or better methods can be implemented for better monitoring energy usage, electrical demand, air quality, ventilation, and device energy usage.

The various roles of energy management:

Monitoring Power Usage:

The accurate and live information provided by the monitoring system shows the amount and in turn the money that will be generated as bills. This is one of the main advantages associated with accuracy is the presumptions are eliminated and we can visibly see money being saved in real time.

Better energy management:

In areas which need improvement not much can be done without exact information. For tasks such as measuring the efficiency of various devices in the building that are energy efficient an approximated figure won’t cut it. If you are using an outdated energy management system consider upgrading to a new one as well.

Major advantages of energy management software to building owners:

•    Higher value of rent
•    Facilitates easier individual tenant energy billing at the click of a button
•    Can be monitored remotely as well
•    Computerized maintenance scheduling

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