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Sub Metering – Local Law 88 requirements

Posted on May 15, 2014 by

Sub metering is the usage of metering devices to measure the actual energy consumption from individual tenants. There are multiple reasons for sub metering such as individual tenants, departments, loads etc. These metering devices are installed after the primary utility meter at the preferred spots, this enables owners to be aware of the exact energy consumption at every single point the meters are being installed.Reasons for implementing sub metering systems:

As energy utility costs are variable expenses for both commercial domestic sectors. Sub metering has emerged as an ideal tool for monitoring every desired area and to analyze the energy consumption and thereby predict the energy costs.

In multifamily residences sub metering provides an opportunity to individualize utility bill payments with the tenants.

Local Law 88 is a NYC requirement that all landlords must sub meter their tenants by 2025 with ANSI C12 Revenue grade sub metering equipment. This expected to be required through many cities across America.

Sub metering systems are ideal for

  • Recording actual usage at required spots
  • Analysis and allocation of costs to individual consumers such as tenants, CAM, departments etc.
  • Analyzing the energy consumption for energy management
  • Implementing energy conservation programs

Benefits of Sub metering:

  • Sub metering offers data on individual energy consumption thus giving the idea to understand when and where the energy is being consumed.
  • Identification of unnecessary operation of equipment at night, off shift etc.
  • Detection of errors in the energy utility bills by comparing utility bill readings with the sub meter readings
  • Users can track the meter readings at regular intervals
  • Provides high usage alerts
  • Understanding the peak demand period and type of loads which are involved in causing peak loads.
  • The metering parameters can be monitored with a real time scenario over the web or mobile devices.

Installation of sub meters can take away all problems in managing energy cost and enables energy users to minimize wastage and have control over their energy usage.