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Sub Metering – Things You Should Know About Your “THIRD EYE SOFTWARE”

Posted on August 6, 2014 by

Energy costs are rising faster in this contemporary world! Retailers, banks, groceries, and companies with multiple warehouses, buildings or stores require a sub metering strategy to achieve additional energy savings. Sub metering is one of the cost effective way to monitor the energy usage and power consumption by individual tenants to filter their actual energy usage.

With Sub Metering Systems, business concerns, organizations and industries can start to monitor, control and manage energy usage by collecting the detailed real time information. This information can be used to plan how to reduce energy consumption, operating costs and how to create more sustainable facilities.

The major advantages of using this innovative sub meter for energy consumption are as follows:

  • Remote monitoring by automatic meter reading system acts as a watchdog to keep an eye on its performance.
  • Allows reading of meters at any time, day or night, anywhere in the world using PC.
  • Sub metering acts as the power saver mode for all environments especially to the commercial and industrial sectors.
  • Gain valuable insight of where energy is consumed in your buildings
  • Water sub metering encourages residents to report leaks so you can take care of small problems before they become major repairs.
  • Better management of electricity usage when a facility faces demand limited or peak usage pricing from the utility.

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