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The Morning News Aruba

Posted on February 19, 2014 by


ORANJESTAD — Former New York Governor, David Patterson paid Aruba a visit for a few days and met with the Prime Minister to share his ideas about investment on Aruba. Patterson is the 5th Governor of the State of New York. He is the first Governor of African-American descent and the second of all of the USA who served as Governor while being legally blind. Patterson came to Aruba with several investors who wanted to know the island and explore the possibilities for investing, creating businesses in the San Nicolaas Economic Zone. During their visit they also talked extensively with the Minister of Economic Affairs, Mike de Meza. CEO of, Michael Gormeley,was also present. Also in the party were: Paul Pape, Vice President of MHT Lighting and John Tabacco, CEO of Green Energy Management Systems. They intend to develop different projects of sustainable energy on the island, creating jobs, in particular for the San Nicolaas area. These men were duly informed about our fiscal structure as well as the benefits of the Economic Zone. The Prime Minister expressed his gratitude to Patterson for his interest in uniting with the vision of Aruba of becoming a sustainable island. During the encounter, the Prime Minister presented Patterson a token of our appreciation in the form of a sculpture of our Fofoti tree along with an explanation of this tree, which works with the force of nature, just like Aruba wants to do.