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The Role of an Energy Monitoring Software in Enhancing the Energy Efficiency of a Building

Posted on October 8, 2014 by

Energy Monitoring Software

What is it?

An energy management system or software is used to simplify the tracking of power consumption of a building. Real time bill reading can provide how much utility has taken place, but intelligent software can efficiently provide reports that can be easily analyzed and tracked at the click of a button.

Building energy tracking requires:

•    Utility bill tracking
•    Real-time metering
•    HVAC and lighting control systems,
•    Simulation and modeling of building
•    Carbon and sustainability reporting
•    Equipment management and
•    Energy auditing

To perform all this manually or with an outdated system is both time consuming and inefficient. Software’s have proven to be a trusty aid in managing solutions. Energy management software provides many tools for minimizing energy costs of buildings by collecting accurate data on energy consumption and compiling them into detailed and accessible reports. Apart from just reporting, the software’s can be used to monitor energy utility and few software’s provide the option of real time tracking of energy utility via the internet.

Reporting consists of:

•    Verifying energy data
•    Projecting data accurately
•    Setting energy reduction targets

Monitoring consists of:

•    Analyzing trends and energy consumption tracking
•    Finding cost cutting options

Advanced software systems allow real time access to data in smartphones which is a major upgrade compared to computer based tracking.

Enhanced Features of the Terawatt energy monitoring software:

•    Monitors traffic flow to understand customer patterns, control energy usage based on occupancy
•    Smartphone and web portal access to temperature/humidity monitoring with historical event log
•    Monitor run-time (hours/mins running)
•    Can be integrated with any existing building management system using BacNet or MODBUS such as Honeywell, Delta
•    Log building entry and/or control locks
•    Beverage monitoring with point of sale integration options.

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