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Water Sub Metering –How Sub Metering Saves Money

Posted on July 24, 2014 by

With the ever-increasing cost of water, installing sub metering is not just an option- it’s a necessity. Water Sub metering is the best energy investment you can make in your property to save 10% to 20% on your utility bills.

What is Water Sub Metering? Water Sub Metering is a system that allows home-owners association, property management firms, landlords, or other multifamily property owners to bill individuals for the water they utilize.

Millions to zillions of multifamily property owners across the nation are achieving long term, cost saving results by installing water sub metering. The key to a successful sub metering program is choosing the right partner. Even though the sub metering benefits are quantifiable, the success entirely lies on who you choose as your service provider.

Terawatt’s Sub Metering, the water management system is designed in such a way that automatically connects to the web portal on power up. The web portal provides an easy to use interface to maintain user permissions and remotely troubleshoot any potential issues with all installed devices.

By installing a water sub metering system, the owners become responsible for their own water utility and sewer bills. This enables the individuals to reduce their utility overhead costs, which allows them to reduce or eliminate energy cost, enables energy users to minimize wastage and have control over their energy usage.

Benefits also Includes:

  • Detect leaks in vacant units
  • Receive high-usage alerts
  • Identify high and low users

Monitor and control water flow without any limitations. For more, visit