Control Energy Management

Monitoring and Controlling Everything without limitations

Your benefits


  • Help avoid your paying for air mixed with your water supply
  • Keep constant flow rate in the prescribed range for better accuracy of your water meter
  • Reduce excessively high pressure
  • Eliminate excess consumption due to high pressure
  • Conserve water particularly in properties without flow regulators
  • Act as a buffer against pressure drops and surges

TeraValve needs no maintenance and it is a device that you simply fit and forget. It keeps working 24x7x365 conserving water and earning you bonuses every day. The amount of money you can save will be determined by several factors and is in the range of 8 to 30% depending on your consumption and other influencing factors.

TeraValve has the ability to 100% finance and or facilitate financing for over 200 million dollars in water savings and energy efficiency projects here in the USA.